About Us

Tawkr is a direct sales and marketing agency. Focused on growing brands via direct sales and marketing campaigns. The team at tawkr have a passion for talking about great brands with the right people.

Companies have forgotten the most powerful way to communicate: by talking. One-to-one. Face2Face. And at tawkr that’s what we do better than anyone else.

What is Face2Face sales?

Face2Face selling is when a trained Brand Ambassador sells a product or service directly to a customer, whether at an event or at their front door. When you meet with someone, you become the most important thing to them at that moment. In a world of saturated acquisition channels - Face2Face is a sure way to have your brand voice heard over the noise.

Why use Face2Face?

  • Improve Brand awareness - skilled Brand Ambassadors advocate passionately on behalf of your brand spreading your brand message.
  • Increase ROI - Pay only when a sale is made
  • Improved customer retention – through a managed point of sale interaction, our Brand Ambassadors build lasting brand relationships
  • Customer data - Brand Ambassadors collect vital data direct from your target audience

How we work?

At tawkr we have a wide network of Independent Marketing Companies located across Europe, these Marketing Companies supply tawkr with self-employed, experienced, Brand Ambassadors. Through extensive sales technique and brand knowledge training, Brand Ambassadors bring our clients brands directly to their target audience via tailored marketing campaigns."

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